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Why Hire a Voice Presentation Coach?

VoicePresentation-CarolLStanleyMost of us will never be professional speakers or performing artists, but we will all have the opportunity to stand before a group of people to give presentations, share thoughts, perform, lead discussions or any number of reasons throughout our lives….

Do you want to be that speaker or performer who…

  • people can’t hear or understand
  • is uninspiring
  • is unexciting

Or would you rather be that speaker or performer who

  • people look forward to hearing
  • people can connect with
  • whose voice is clear and exudes confidence
  • projects the feeling they are “present” and happy to be there
  • whose excitement and passion is contagious

So, whether you become a professional or not, wouldn’t it be wonderful to always stand with confidence and do the best that you can do?

How a Voice Presentation Coach can help you:

Like most athletes, you may have natural abilities and talents, but athletes who want to “up” their game and give their best performance on the field or court work with a coach. Your skills, though different, are the same – they can benefit and improve from the experience and guidance of a coach, who will help you assess your abilities and then build on the natural talents you may already have. If you are like so many, you may think you don’t have natural abilities. But you do nevertheless, they simply need to be tapped into, trained and brought forward.

VoiceTraining-CarolLStanleyA good voice coach will give you the training and encouragement you need to stand before an audience.

Many years ago, a young boy’s parents enrolled him in voice lessons. The voice teacher told him he was monotone and couldn’t carry a tune. (Obviously, he never returned for further training) Although this assessment was untrue, the boy carried this critique throughout his life and was always embarrassed to sing, even in groups. We all need encouragement!

A good voice coach will teach you technique such as phrasing, intonation and voice fluctuation.

A good voice coach will teach you how to relieve tension before a performance, teach you about posture and how to use your whole body to project your performance, how to warm up your voice and how to breathe properly.

These are skills that everyone can use in all facets of life. Whether you will use these skills on stage or not, wouldn’t you just like to perfect them? If you are interested in bringing out the best in yourself…

Contact me, I offer Private or Group Coaching, and I would love to speak with you.



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