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Using Body Language To Be A Successful Speaker

“93% of good communication is in the mind, body and voice. Only 7% are your words, so how you deliver your words is vital.” – Carol Stanley

UseBodyLanguage-CarolLStanleyWhether you are an up and coming speaker, a seasoned speaker, a reluctant speaker, a professional speaker or an occasional speaker, you all have one or more of these goals in mind:

  1. To inspire
  2. To be confident
  3. To entertain
  4. To educate
  5. To do your best
  6. If you’re a professional speaker, to be called back

What you say during your speech is obviously very important…you have a message to deliver. But “how” you deliver it will be the great determining factor in how it’s received. Along with voice inflection, your body language plays a huge role in how well you and your message is received.

Today, life and all of its situations have become very visual…with the technology we all depend on so much, we have come to expect great visual experiences…this is how you will be judged also.

So with that being said, I would like to share with you some body language tips that will help you win over your audiences.

Using the Power of Body Language:

  • Use your face…
    • Begin by making eye contact from the start. People prefer people who will look them in the eye, without good eye contact, the listener may wonder if you can be trusted or if your mind is somewhere else.
    • Also use expression in your face.
    • Use your mouth for more than just speaking…Smile! This will make your audience more comfortable, a smile is a powerful tool!
      • Smiling, nodding and “open gestures” are positive gestures that can help your listeners accept what you are telling them.
    • Use inflection in your voice to add interest and emphasis throughout your speech.
  • Use movement…
    • SpeakerBodyLanguage-CarolLStanleyAlthough you don’t want your arms flailing about, they can be used in strong, natural and expressive movements.
    • Begin your speech with your arms at your side (this is a very natural way for your to stand) as your speech goes on, when it’s appropriate, use your hands in small open gestures.
    • Stand straight and keep your chest open…which means avoid crossing our arms in front of you in any way.
    • If you’re not stuck at a podium, feel free to move about the stage or stand a bit, but don’t be a pacer by moving back and forth, back and forth…move with purpose.
    • If you are speaking to a small group, walk around your audience, your audience will follow your movement and stay more in touch with you and your message.

Whatever you do on stage or however you use body language, it’s only effective if it’s natural and fits whatever you are talking about.

Looking for a voice coach?  I am Carol Stanley and I am a Voice and Presentation Skills Coach. I train speakers and singers (business owners, ministry leaders, stage performers, beauty pageant competitors, workshop leaders) to gain confidence, poise, and command over their total voice, body, mind, and spirit.

Contact me, I offer Private or Group Coaching, and I would love to speak with you.

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