What people are saying about Carol…

"Carol's 'Rock the Stage with Spirit, Body, Soul and Big Impact Workshop' focused our group on the important elements of praise and worship; from audience engagement to vocal skills to physically showing up at our best."

Church Worship Team

"Finding our purpose for being, increasing our leadership skills, and defining a clear mission statement have been a challenge until Carol's training on Life of Purpose.We now have a much better handle on who we are and where we are going, thanks to Carol."

Church Interns

"My voice is stronger now, and I feel more confident, even at the critical first step onto the stage. The warmth of her encouragement just stays with me."

Katie M

"Carol Has helped me so much with this recent campaign. She has shown me the importance and power of authentic delivery. Her warmth, yet "get the job done" attitude has really helped me improve my public speaking so very much."

Political Candidate/Public Servant

"Carol has been a fantastic voice teacher and stage director and coach for me. She helped me gain the skills and confidence to do high soprano solos and gutsy alto range parts with ease in my musical comedy career. She is amazing!"

Cathy B

"In working with Carol, I have learned to be aware of my thoughts and choices in how I think and speak. She has blessed my with her knowledge and practical truths that have transformed me at ninety-eight to be even more effective in my chaplain work at this awesome age!"

Alma M

"I can't say enough good things about the workshop and the private coaching that I have received from Carol Stanley. My voice is stronger now and I feel more confident, even at that critical first second on the stage. Something about Carol's enveloping warmth and encouragement stays with me. THANK YOU, Carol!"

Katie M

"Carol taught me more about how to use my voice in 1 hour than I have learned in a life time.
Her knowledgeable, compassionate teaching style made me feel comfortable immediately. (Pretty important when you're already nervous about using your voice in the first place)! Thank you Carol from the bottom of my heart. You have truly helped me learn how to use MY voice."

Jamie W